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~ Jeffrey K. Bedrick ~
This shoppe is totally filled with the stunning artwork of Jeffrey K. Bedrick.
He has graciously given me permission to feature some of his beautiful paintings.
I know that you will love his creations and enjoy sending his magnificent fantasy
pictures to everyone that has a love of beauty and the gift of imagination. Thank
you Mr. Bedrick .. for letting me share your wonderous paintings with everyone
that passes through my card shoppe. Please take the time to visit
The Art of Jeffrey K. Bedrick Gallery
to see more of his splendid artwork. You'll be glad you did!

The Art Of
Jeffrey K. Bedrick
Page 1
The Art Of
Jeffrey K. Bedrick
Page 2
The Art Of
Jeffrey K. Bedrick
Page 3

Paintings are Jeffrey K. Bedrick. All rights reserved. Jeffrey K. Bedrick's Works of Beauty
are used here with his written permission. Thank you Mr. Bedrick.

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This candle burns for all the sweet Angels ....
Who are no longer with us.

Thank you Mr. Bedrick for letting me feature your Beautiful paintings.
Please visit his site to see all of his other special works of art and please
sign his guest book to let him know you love his work as much as I do!

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